As we all know, Yakult is a Japanese fermented milk drink and is very famous in the Vietnamese market, bringing health benefits to users in a milk bottle with more than 6.5 billion beneficial bacteria. L.casei Shirota supports the digestive tract, increases resistance, especially for children.

Seeing this great significance, the leadership of Viet Hoa International School has chosen Yakult Vietnam as a strategic partner in nutrition in the nutrition of students of Viet Hoa International School.
A tour was organized for the children to see firsthand the process of making a very small bottle of milk, but it contains billions of beneficial bacteria that help the baby’s digestion process every day.

Children will be introduced to the process of company formation by the staff of Yakult Vietnam, to strict production processes with modern machinery. Food hygiene and safety how to get a bottle of milk with so many beneficial bacteria.

The purpose of the tour is not only to let children see and witness what they consume, but also to serve as a small torch for them to burn, so that when they grow up, they themselves will become Minoru Shirola. Future. Bringing benefits to humanity, and is also the guideline of Viet Hoa International School to create global citizens and bring benefits to humanity.
👶 Kindergarten & 🙋Primary school & Junior high school
🏫 Pham Hung, New city, Hoa Phu, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong
☎️ 0274-222-2515
Hotline: Ms. Trâm 0977 310 771/ Ms. Mai Anh 0866 095 879/ Ms. Múi 0985768751
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