What a pity! This summer camp has passed really quickly. But fortunately, this summer was very wonderful because our teachers and students had a meaningful trip to the 2023 summer camp in just three weeks.

Summer is coming, our children have too much free time. Instead of using that time to sleep, play on phones, tablets, …. At Viet Hoa International School, the children spend more time in activities that are meant to build human virtues and socialize in the community. The ability to boldly communicate with friends, simple life skills but important early life lessons such as children will clean their own teeth, arrange soft and pillows, children learn to line up, etc. to form the core of an independent future citizen.

The main course of Summercamp 2023 is to learn new languages such as Chinese and English through standard courses abroad. By telling stories, writing, and communicating, students can easily accept without being constrained. In addition, they also receive mathematical tutoring to increase logical thinking and understand some of the reactions of substances in daily life through practical experiments. Their creative thinking has also received attention from schools through subjects such as art, where children are free to create things in their youthful and interesting minds. Moreover, the school believes that creativity needs more realistic space to develop, so it has organized extracurricular activities about ceramic villages to help children freely create on actual cultural relics.

Supporting children with the most nutritional thinking about what they can eat, the SUMMERCAMP 2023 program brings the kitchen into the classroom, students become chefs and practice cooking their own dishes. In addition, the children also got to work as chefs at famous restaurants such as 4P pizza as well as visit the Yakult Vietnam factory (The place that produces mini milk bottles containing up to 6.5 billion beneficial bacteria).

In addition, during the 2023 summer camp, children can also make beautiful and meaningful small gifts for Father’s Day Help them learn valuable lessons and mistakenly remember those who raised and nurtured them.

Therefore, the short three-week journey has come to an end, and it is hoped that through the 2023 summer camp, children will have more courses. Through the experience they have been taught, they will be able to be more independent in their thoughts and love for their parents. Teachers, friends, and people around them. We will meet you at the 2024 summer camp. Viet Hoa International School focuses on heart to heart education to enhance the pace of global citizenship.

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