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SPORTS DAY 2023-2024

The “SPORTS DAY 2023” on December 3, 2023, at Viet Hoa International School was held successfully.Sports activities aim to improve the health, unity, and entertainment of all students at VHIS.VHIS sincerely thanks all representatives, parents, and students for taking the time to participate. Especially, VHIS would like to thank all teachers and staff for their

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Discover your passion!What will you do with an energetic day?After stressful lessons, children at VHIS can participate in activities for comprehensive physical development. Through that, children can also approach and learn about their passions and dreams through games such as: Chef, firefighter, doctor,… training team spirit and courage, brave. With VHIS “PLAY BASED LEARNING”In addition

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In line with the Halloween 2023 atmosphere, besides the annual performances, this year’s VHIS seems to be more “interesting”. 👻 The VHIS team is determined to bring children an unforgettable Halloween season. Along with activities such as “TRICK or TREAT”, competitions are also held with attractive prizes: Costume contest: – The scariest costume – The

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✨After a month of hard work and eager anticipation, on October 27th (Friday), the “Heartbell Handicraft Transformation, Steady Progress in the Art of Chinese Characters” Chinese cultural event was finally held at Viethoa International School. It was also the presentation of teaching achievements by cultural teachers sent by the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC). ✨It’s

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Why Viet Hoa?

To have a better connection with Chinese culture, and to be in line with international standards, Viet Hoa International School is the best choice.

Mr. Xie Zhongquan

General Manager
Trung Hung Machinery Co., Ltd

Viet Hoa International School, the road to the world.

Small class lectures

Low teacher-student ratio.
More attention for every student.

Bilingual Program

Compatible with English courses and Chinese courses.

In line with international standards

Chinese, English and Vietnamese courses.
Become a global citizen.

High quality environment

Novel equipment.
Ample space.

New educational institution on an international level
in Binh Duong New City.

"Viet Hoa International School" was completed in 2019, creating a high-quality learning environment for the children of residents and foreign businessmen in Binh Duong Province.

Our core educational goal is centered on “morality, diligence, and progress”. We create a comfortable and warm environment for all of our students.

Recruiting kindergarten, primary and middle students.

Presently, Viet Hoa International School recruits kindergarteners, primary and middle students for the 2023-2024 school year, and school-age children from 2 years old. We have experienced, professional and patient teachers from Europe, America and Taiwan.

In addition to cultivating students' knowledge in all aspects, we also cultivate students to have fluent foreign language abilities, good character and a world outlook, to let students successfully integrate into the world with good competitiveness in the future.

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