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2023/05/27UncategorizedJoin us for an awesome summer at Viet Hoa International School!2023-05-27 11:25:42
2023/05/25UncategorizedViet Hoa International School’s Kindergarten had a fun-filled activity at Hikari Commercial Area2023-05-25 10:40:27
2023/05/24UncategorizedThis semester, Viet Hoa International School and Tongguang Elementary School in Miaoli County are collaborating to organize a cross-cultural exchange program2023-05-24 16:11:44
2023/05/22Event GalleryOn May 21st, Viet Hoa International School held a a clown show with balloon animals at AEON.2023-05-22 15:44:51
2023/05/15Event GalleryViet Hoa International School’s celebration was a blast!2023-05-15 10:30:02
2023/04/30Event GalleryThe kindergarten class for Little People School had a fantastic and engaging experience at Viet Hoa International School2023-04-30 11:44:10
2023/04/27Uncategorized2023 Anniversary and Mother’s Day Celebration2023-04-27 16:35:34
2023/04/26Event GalleryIn April 2023, we welcomed Mother Goose Preschool to our school !2023-04-26 14:48:28
2023/04/26UncategorizedWe are ready for the long weekend !!!2023-04-26 11:48:34
2023/04/24UncategorizedThe “VHIS Enrollment Campaign” at Viet Hoa International School!2023-04-24 14:36:53
2023/04/19Event GalleryViet Hoa International School organized an outdoor activity for kindergarteners and primary students on April 19th2023-04-19 09:28:20
2023/04/14UncategorizedLet’s participate in an English story reading activity together!2023-04-14 15:45:16
2023/04/12UncategorizedOn April 23, Viet Hoa International School will be hosting an enrollment campaign!2023-04-12 15:25:24
2023/04/03Event GalleryThe presentation of the International Program and Chinese Language Program at Viet Hoa International School was successfully completed2023-04-03 15:08:14
2023/04/03UncategorizedChildren from VIET HOA International School participate in a performance at Becamex Tokyu Soccer Field2023-04-03 13:46:48
2023/03/30UncategorizedViet Hoa International School is prepared to establish the first secondary school in Vietnam to unite a complete international English course with a Chinese course2023-03-30 11:09:45
2023/03/27Event GalleryViet Hoa International School will be attending the 6th Japan Festival event at Hikari Plaza2023-03-27 09:50:52
2023/03/21UncategorizedViet Hoa International School is prepared to establish the first secondary school in Vietnam to unite a complete international English course with a Chinese course2023-03-21 16:16:39
2023/03/19Event GalleryViet Hoa International School successfully held a fun activity with the Clown at Aeon Mall Binh Duong2023-03-19 14:26:54
2023/03/17UncategorizedViet Hoa International School will be hosting an enrollment campaign at Aeon Mall Binh Duong Canary!2023-03-17 11:40:59
2023/03/12Event GalleryViet Hoa International School – The first student enrollment campaign has been completed successfully2023-03-12 11:55:32
2023/03/07UncategorizedThe Annual Viet Hoa International School Enrollment Campaign2023-03-07 10:01:54
2023/02/24UncategorizedViet Hoa International School Enrollment Day 20232023-02-24 16:15:24
2023/01/12UncategorizedViet Hoa International School announces the New Years holidays2023-01-12 09:48:14
2022/12/29UncategorizedNew Year Holiday Announcement from Viet Hoa International School2022-12-29 15:16:52
2022/12/02Event GalleryThe “November 27, 2022, Sports Day” at Viet Hoa International School was a success2022-12-02 15:10:36
2022/11/23Event GalleryViet Hoa School is going to hold “Sports Days” on Sunday, November 272022-11-23 15:15:29
2022/11/18Event GalleryThe outdoor field trip of Viet Hoa International School2022-11-18 10:39:29
2022/11/16Event GalleryViet Hoa International School participated in the Binh Duong Expo EXPO 20222022-11-16 14:45:08
2022/11/03UncategorizedLEARN WITH NATURE2022-11-03 11:41:34
2022/10/30Event GalleryHalloween activities at Viet Hoa International School2022-10-30 15:08:19
2022/10/19UncategorizedViet Hoa International School’s 2nd Parent Association Election2022-10-19 10:14:44
2022/10/13UncategorizedLet’s play football together !2022-10-13 10:32:46
2022/09/09UncategorizedHappy – Moon Festival2022-09-09 16:02:46
2022/08/07UncategorizedFree experience curriculum2022-08-07 16:09:20
2022/07/31UncategorizedBasketball match2022-07-31 16:13:20
2022/06/08UncategorizedWelcome Thu Dau Mot university education management master2022-06-08 16:17:40
2022/06/03Uncategorized2022 Summer Camp – English Camp –2022-06-03 16:02:46
2022/06/03Uncategorized2022 Summer Camp – Judo2022-06-03 13:47:35
2022/06/03Uncategorized2022 Summer Camp – Fine Arts2022-06-03 13:46:54
2022/06/03Uncategorized2022 Summer Camp – Soccer2022-06-03 13:46:14
2022/06/03Uncategorized2022 Summer Camp – Calligraphy Camp2022-06-03 08:30:31
2022/06/03Uncategorized2022 Summer Camp – Play Basketball2022-06-03 05:28:29
2022/06/02Uncategorized2022 Summer Camp – School Summer Activities2022-06-02 11:29:27
2022/05/11Event GalleryChristmas show2022-05-11 15:10:52
2021/07/11Event GalleryOur Garden2021-07-11 23:50:15
2021/05/24Event GalleryKindergarten graduation photo2021-05-24 23:38:05
2021/05/11Uncategorized2021 enthusiastic enroll new students2021-05-11 16:33:46
2021/04/23Event GalleryParents Day cum Reading Activity2021-04-23 00:51:36
2020/12/19Event GalleryChristmas Show @Hikari2020-12-19 23:31:46
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