This semester, Viet Hoa International School and Tongguang Elementary School in Miaoli County are collaborating to organize a cross-cultural exchange program

This semester, I paired up with Tongguang Elementary School in Miaoli County as an international digital learning partner
“Creative Calligraphy Course”
Teachers from the Calligraphy Club of Tongguang Elementary School brought different art creation courses and activities, allowing VietHoa students to listen attentively and then participate in the course activities and sharing of both parties. The Chinese proficiency of overseas students is not as good as that in Taiwan, but through this The activities seem to arouse their interest and motivation in learning Chinese, which is a good course experience😊





👶 Kindergarten & 🙋Primary school & Junior high school

🏫 Pham Hung, New city, Hoa Phu, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong

☎️ 0274-222-2515

Hotline: Ms. Trâm 0977 310 771/ Ms. Mai Anh 0866 095 879/ Ms. Múi 0985768751
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