Viet Hoa International School English Teacher RECRUITMENT

Viet Hoa International School

English Teacher RECRUITMENT

Teaching objects: Pre-K & K1~K3 & Grades 1 to 6

Deadline: 21th June

Application conditions:

Passionate in teaching, willing to share, optimistic and enterprising, Bachelor degree or above, Educational qualification.

Please prepare:

Resume Cv, diploma, Proof of relevant work experience, teachers’ qualified

Salary and treatment: Negotiable (adjustment of treatment based on ability experience)

Application method:

About us

“Viet Hoa International School” is located at the same place with Binh Duong Provincial Government, the economic hub in southern Vietnam.(30 kilometers north of Ho Chi Minh City) The school was initiated by the Taiwanese Entrepreneur and in cooperation with Japanese Tokyu railways Company Limited.

Our school aims to provide a high-quality learning environment for local residents of Binh Duong and the second generation of foreign entrepreneurs.

Telephone:+84 2742222515