When I think about my career and where it has led me to today, I think SSIS is the perfect fit for me. I am proud and excited to work for a school which lives and breathes its Mission Statement and Core Values and actively encourages wellness, balance, and dedicated service. At VHIS, I feel extremely valued, supported, and inspired by my colleagues, school community, and Head of School.


VHIS is home to a proudly diverse community of highly experienced educators. Joined in our shared commitment to inspire, educate and innovate we teach with passion so that our students will live with purpose. 

We welcome and embrace prior experiences and ideas to our professional community of educators, and several of our faculty are thought-leaders who share their knowledge at international conferences and workshops. The majority of our teachers hold Masters degrees, and all teachers have a valid teaching license or certification. 

All teacher applicants should enjoy being active members of a community that believes that teaching and learning happens as much outside of the classroom, as inside, and where students’ success is nurtured in many ways, including through coaching and supporting other events or activities.

VHIS Teachers:

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