At Viet Hoa, we’re a happy learning community

I’m the teacher of Grade 1-B. We learn and grow together in a safe, supportive environment. Seeing my students thrive is the best part of my job. At Viet Hoa, we’re a happy learning community.

“Thanks PTA for birthday gift and congrats on our top 3 students of midterm students!”

English story contest rocked! We shone on stage, learned from each other, and wowed the audience below!


“What’s it like learning at Viet Hoa? It’s pure happiness!
We brainstorm, communicate, and share our unique answers with everyone. Learning is a blast in our groups!


Guess what we’re doing? We can only reveal this tiny photo, so stay tuned for the big reveal!
I’m a young author! We made a mini book, cut from A3 paper, wrote about a squirrel, drew some scenes, and voila!
A masterpiece from the heart.


At Viet Hoa, we’re a positive community that learns and grows together. Come join us at Yew Wah International School!



👶 Kindergarten & 🙋Primary school & Junior high school

🏫 Pham Hung, New city, Hoa Phu, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong

☎️ 0274-222-2515

Hotline: Ms. Trâm 0977 310 771/ Ms. Mai Anh 0866 095 879/ Ms. Múi 0985768751
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